International Law Congress: Current Themes & Topics organised by E-Journal of Law and Yeditepe University Law School is going to be held on June 4-6, 2020 in Istabul/Turkey. The congress bringing together academic lawyers, legal practitioners and other researchers from more than 10 different countries covers themes indicated below. Sessions on these themes within the scope of the congress will be held separately in the same venue.

In this regard, the following themes will be in the congress:

  • Human Rights and Freedoms

  • International Environmental Law

  • International Immigration  Law and European Union

  • State Responsibility in International law

  • Disputes on Sea Regions

  • Air & Space Law

  • International Conflict Resolution

  • Diplomatic and Consular Immunity

  • International Criminal Law

  • Use of Force against States and Non-State Actors

  • International Terrorism